Alan Partridge – text interviews

An Alan Partridge Q&A Gloucester Live Alan Partridge is returning to the BBC to fill in…

Fleabag – s2 (sitcom – eng)

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Still Game – s9 (sitcom – sco)

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This Time with Alan Partridge

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I Am Not An Animal (Sitcom – Eng)

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Bottom (Eng – sitcom)

These are all the live shows. The normal episodes are always getting snagged for copyright –…

Mock The Week – Series 17 (eng – panel show)

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15 Storeys High – Eng – sitcom

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Cunk on Britain – s1 – Eng – satire

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Benidorm – s9 – Eng – sitcom

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Swiss Toni – Eng – sitcom

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The Catherine Tate Show – S3 – Eng – Sketch show

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Going Straight – (“Porridge” follow-up) – Eng – Sitcom

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Rich Hall

A selection of Rich Hall’s documentaries from the BBC. Always interesting, they make me think of…

The Mr Show with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross (US – comedy)

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The Sketch Show (Eng – comedy)

Co-produced by Baby Cow, this was a pretty popular series that started in 2001. It starred…

Mrs Merton and Malcolm

A follow-up sitcom to Mrs Merton’s chat show. I don’t think it was very successful as…

Time Trumpet (UK Satire – 2006)

A brilliant satirical series from Armando Iannucci – possibly his best standalone work. It’s too demanding…

Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell – s8 (Aus – satire)

If you like The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, etc, then you’ll enjoy this too. Share…

Still Game – s8 (Sco – sitcom)

Jack and Victor are back for more jolly japes and fannyin about and that. Share This:

Blott On The Landscape (Eng – sitcom)

A one-off series from the mid 80s, starring George Cole and David Suchet. The plot revolves…

Inside No 9 – (s4 – eng – sitcom)

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Would I Lie To You? – s11 (Eng – panel show)

Another series of this perennial panel show. Laughs are guaranteed. Share This:

Man Down – s1-s3 (Eng – sitcom – Rik Mayall)

Just a great sitcom. Watch it, love it, live it! Share This:

How Do You Want Me? (eng – sitcom – Dylan Moran)

I only found out about this recently. It’s not great, but I don’t think it was…

The Ex PM (Aus – sitcom – Shaun Micallef)

Shaun Micallef stars as the newly retired Prime Minister who has to adjust to normal life.…

The Royle Family (Eng – sitcom)

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Best Of The Worst (youtube)

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One Foot In The Grave – s2 (Eng – sitcom)

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Liquid TV (animation)

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