Tetris (games)

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Spaced (Eng – sitcom – geeks)

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Games Britannia – The Joystick Generation

A good look at the development of video games in Britain and how so many hugely…

Simon Singh – Five Numbers (geeks – radio)

If you’re a geek then you’ll enjoy these short lectures about numbers and how certain ones…

Robot Wars – 2016 – (Sco – geeks)

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Cracking and modding the Sega Saturn

If you’re into classic gaming, cracking, modding or electronics in general then this is a fantastic…

Video Gaiden – s2 – game reviews/comedy (2007)

This is good fun if you like video games and daft humour. Rab Florence went on…

Once Upon Atari

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No Such Thing As A Fish (podcast)

A geekishly cool podcast from the team who research the facts for QI – The QI…

The King of Kong

A look into the sub-culture of arcade game high-score champions… Share This:

Hackers, Crackers and Geeks

Here’s a good selection of documentaries and films about the development of computers from the 1970s…