Inside No.9 – s5 (Eng- sitcom)

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That’s My Boy (Eng – sitcom)

I never liked this sitcom with Mollie Sugden. But you might! Click Here For Series 2…

The Detectives (sitcom – Eng)

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Man About The House

Click Here For Series 2 » Click Here For Series 3 » Click Here For Series…

Cockroaches (Eng – sitcom)

More post-apocalyptic larks… only one series was made, which isn’t surprising really, but it’s pretty good…

Zomboat! (Eng – sitcom)

Silly zombie fun. Hopefully there will be a second series. Share This:

Diary of a Uber Driver (Aus – sitcom)

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Only When I Laugh – s1,s2,s3 (Eng – sitcom)

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Man Down – s1 (Eng – sitcom – Rik Mayall)

Just a great sitcom. Watch it, love it, live it! Share This:

The Ex PM (Aus – sitcom – Shaun Micallef)

Shaun Micallef stars as the newly retired Prime Minister who has to adjust to normal life.…

The Royle Family (Eng – sitcom)

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Count Arthur Strong (Eng – sitcom)

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Scot Squad (Sco – sitcom)

Spoof comedy following the first Unified Scottish Police Force. Grado! Grado! Grado! Share This:

Z@pped – (eng – sci-fi sitcom)

A nice wee sitcom about an office worker who finds himself transported to another dimension. It’s…

Dead Man Weds (eng – sitcom – Johnny Vegas)

This series from 2005 was never released on DVD because of issues over the music used.…

Absolute Power – (eng – sitcom – satire)

Stephen Fry and John Bird star in this satire of a political PR company. I preferred…

The Smoking Room

Just a great wee sitcom. Share This:

Rob Brydon’s Annually Retentive (Eng – sitcom)

A sitcom based around the making of a TV panel show. Similar to Garry Shandling, this…

Let Them Eat Cake (Eng – sitcom – French and Saunders)

An historical sitcom set 10 years before the French revolution. I didn’t get into it but…

The Book Group (Sco – Sitcom)

A gentle sitcom about an American woman who has moved to Glasgow and starts a book…

Bellamy’s People – 2010 (Eng – sketch)

This was a spin-off from the radio show Down The Line. It only lasted one series…

I’m With Stupid – 2006 (Eng – sitcom)

A nice wee sitcom about a community centre where a tramp meets up with a disabled…

Spy – 2011 (eng – sitcom)

A geeky guy (played by Darren Boyd) ends up being a spy without really trying. Share…

Hyperdrive – (Eng – Sitcom – Miranda Hart, Kevin Eldon, Nick Frost)

Hyperdrive is a sci-fi sitcom which follows the crew of HMS Camden Lock as they stumble…

Miranda Hart – “Why I miss old-fashioned sitcoms”

Why I miss old-fashioned sitcoms MIRANDA HART 30 JULY 2016  Fawlty Towers    It’s 60 years…

Hippies – (Eng-Sitcom)

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Bottom (Eng-Sitcom)

One of my favourite sitcoms of all time, this never lets you down. Cartoon violence made…

Psycho Bitches

A very surprising wee comedy show. It’s almost a live-action version of Dr Katz, but with…

Black Books (Ire-Eng Sitcom)

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Walking and Talking (Eng – sitcom – Kathy Burke)

Based on her life as a teenager, this is a cool wee series written by Kathy…