Stewart Lee – Interviews

Radio interviews with Stewart Lee from over the years. I’ve got quite a few saved so…

Frankie Boyle interviews

Russell Brand – 2017-07-13 Owen Jones – 2017-06-30 Douglas Anderson – 2016-12-13 Romesh Ranganathan – 2016-09-28…

Louis Theroux – interviews

We the People Ross and Carrie Share This:

Dylan Moran

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Jimmy Carr

A lot of comedy fans say they don’t like him, but Jimmy’s understanding of the art…

Mark Steel – 2016-08-03 – Radcliffe and Maconie

Mark Steel has a chat about Orkney/Shetland and his show at the Edinburgh Festival Share This:

John Shuttleworth – 2015-06-11 – Radcliffe and Maconie

If you don’t know who John shuttleworth is, then you don’t know NUFFIN! If that is…

Greg Davies – 2015-06-03 – Shaun Keaveny

Greg Davies is a funny guy. It took me quite a long time to realise that.…

Mark Thomas – 2015 – Richard Herring

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Harry and Paul – 2015-04-20 – Janice Forsyth

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Gary Delaney – 2015-04-11 – Sue Davies

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Gina Yashere – Comedy on the Sofa

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Paul Whitehouse – 2015-03-10 – Andy Potter

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Mark Thomas – interviews

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Harry Hill – 2015-02-06 – Front Row

Harry talks about his new standup show – his first tour for eight years. Share This:

Matt Lucas – 2015-02-27 – The Mirror

In his first newspaper interview for five years, the Little Britain funnyman discusses shyness, diets, gastric bands…

Simon Donald – 2015-02-21 – Radcliffe and Maconie

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Bob Mortimer – 2015-02-13 – Radcliffe and Maconie

Bob Mortimer doesn’t really do many interviews, so it’s always good to hear him chuntering on…

Gina Yashere – 2015-02-18 – Radio Five

This is a surprisingly good interview (because most interviewees aren’t that interesting) and well worth the…

Richard Herring – 2015-02-02 – Arthur Smith

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Eddie Izzard – 2015-02-12 – ABC Australia

Eddie gets back in drag for this interview. And looks strangely similar to Sarah Millican! Share…