Would I Lie To You? – s11 (Eng – panel show)

Another series of this perennial panel show. Laughs are guaranteed. Share This:

Best Of The Worst (youtube)

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Great Unanswered Questions (Ire – Panel Show)

A surprisingly good comedy quiz show. I’m surprised it didn’t get more episodes as I’d happily…

Charlie Brooker – So Wrong It’s Right (Eng – radio comedy)

All the episodes of this funny radio show about things and stuff. S01E01 (David Mitchell, Rufus…

Burnistoun (Sco – sketch show)

The third series of this great Scottish sketch show. Check out Video Gaiden if you like…

Frost on Sketch Shows (eng – comedy doc – 2013)

David Frost traces the development of the TV sketch show over the last fifty years Share…

Argumental – (eng – comedy)

Presented surprisingly well by John Sergeant, this is an improvised comedy show where the performers must…

Was It Something I Said? (eng – panel show)

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Let Them Eat Cake (Eng – sitcom – French and Saunders)

An historical sitcom set 10 years before the French revolution. I didn’t get into it but…

News Knight with Sir Trevor McDonald – 2007 (Eng – Panel Show)

Trevor McDonald presents a funny news clip panel show. It’s a fairly Partridigian idea, but he’s…

Mark Steel – 2016-08-03 – Radcliffe and Maconie

Mark Steel has a chat about Orkney/Shetland and his show at the Edinburgh Festival Share This:

The Comic Strip Presents – The Yob (Eng-Comedy)

A comedy one-off based on The Fly – where an elitist video director changes personality with…

Help Yourself with Angus Deayton – (Eng – clip show)

Angus Deayton looks at clips from self-help videos from the past. The series is from 2006.…

Common Ground (Eng – Comedy Shorts from Baby Cow)

Common Ground is a series of 10 short films set in a South London community. Linked…

The Armstrong and Miller Show – s1

A pretty funny sketch show. Share This:

Steve Coogan – Tony Ferrino; Phenomenon

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The Fast Show – Rowley Remix

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Onion News Network (s1)

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