SystemEmu + Roms InfoYear
Acorn Electron download type LOAD "" at prompt to check what's on a tape file, then LOAD "(name)", then type run 1983
Amstrad CPC 464 download type CAT to list dir, then RUN "(name)" 1985
Apple II download   1981
Atari 800 download   1982
Atari ST download This will ask you to locate the "tos" file. It's in the same folder, so just select it and you're away 1985
Atari VCS download   1977
Coleco Vision download   1982
Commodore Amiga download You'll need to set up the "kickstart" first. It's in the ROMS folder. 1986
Commodore 64 download   1982
Gameboy Color download   1998
Gameboy download   1989
MSX download   1983
Nintendo download   1986
Sega Megadrive download this pack also includes Master System and Game Gear roms 1988
Super Nintendo download Probably my favourite emulator of all time - with 800+ games (all the classics included) 1990
ZX Spectrum download drag the game files into the emulator and they'll load 1982