Long Way Down

Euan McGregor and Charlie Boorman ride their bikes from the north of Scotland all the way…

Time Gentlemen, Please – s1

Written by Al Murray and Richard Herring. I only watched this for the first time recently…

That Peter Kay Thing

6 one-off episodes starring Peter Kay as various characters. A great bit of tv. Share This:

Michael Palin documentaries

The best of Michael Palin’s travel docs are in this playlist. Europe, Around the World in…

Billy Connolly – Who Do You Think You Are?

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Josie Long – 2015-02-25 – Nottingham Post

Steve Haines (photo by Giles Smith) Now at the ripe old age of 32, Josie Long…

Once Upon Atari

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Simon Donald – 2015-02-21 – Radcliffe and Maconie

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Bob Mortimer – 2015-02-13 – Radcliffe and Maconie

Bob Mortimer doesn’t really do many interviews, so it’s always good to hear him chuntering on…

Asylum – series 1

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Gina Yashere – 2015-02-18 – Radio Five

This is a surprisingly good interview (because most interviewees aren’t that interesting) and well worth the…

No Such Thing As A Fish (podcast)

A geekishly cool podcast from the team who research the facts for QI – The QI…

The IT Crowd – s1-s3

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Former SNL comedian is a total nutbag

Right-wing nutbag and former Saturday Night Live comedian Victoria Jackson appeared on Newsmax yesterday to blether…

The Larry Sanders Show – series 1

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Arab Australian comedians on religious jokes

Akmal Saleh, Frida Deguise and Amro Ali talk about their cultures and religions and how they…

Richard Herring – 2015-02-02 – Arthur Smith

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Russell Brand’s Ponderland

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Maria Bamford – Pugs not Bugs

There isn’t anyone else in the comedy and art world who does exactly what Maria Bamford…

Deirdre O’Kane is going back to her stand-up roots

By Maeve Quigley   Deirdre O’Kane has revealed she is going back to her stand-up roots.…

Milton Jones on his Temple Of Daft

By NottmPostEG  | February 18, 2015 Milton Jones is touring the UK with a brand new…

Lisa Lampanelli’s New Look And Lease On Life

By Kiko Martinez   She’s lost over 100lbs. since having weight-loss surgery in 2012, but stand-up…

The Thin Blue Line

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Killer Psychopaths – 101 – Joanna Dennehy

From netball team to psychopath: the strange descent of Joanna Dennehy She grew up with no…

Stewart Lee – Richard Herring – RHLSTP 2015

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Jasper Carrott ‘I’ve had my eyes opened wide’

It must take a lot to shock Jasper Carrott when it comes to touring, you’d think.…

Jason Byrne’s Snaptastic

A new comedy chat show from Ireland. John Bishop is the first guest. Share This:

Michael Palin – 2015-02-16 – TVNZ

Quite a bizarre interview thread. But it’s nice to see Mr Palin. Share This:

Eddie Izzard – 2015-02-12 – ABC Australia

Eddie gets back in drag for this interview. And looks strangely similar to Sarah Millican! Share…

Dieudonne faces £22000 fine for facebook post

Dieudonne M’bala M’bala was in the dock charged with inciting terrorism He joked about Charlie Hebdo…