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Jul 16 2010

Vietnam ‘vet’ murdered 6 and raped 2

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A jury convicted defendant Morris Solomon, Jr., of four counts of first degree murder and two counts of second degree murder, and found true a multiple-murder special-circumstance allegation.[ 1 ] It also found him guilty of sexually assaulting two other victims. On retrial following jury deadlock at the first penalty trial, a second jury returned a verdict of death.[ 2 ] This appeal is automatic. We affirm the judgment.

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Jun 28 2010

Winter Soldier

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Jun 23 2010

Casualties of War (1989 movie)

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Casualties of War

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This is the story of a Vietnam war murder case, where a sergeant and other soldiers were charged with crimes in a kidnapping, rape and murder of a Vietnamese woman. Directed by Brian DePalma, Michael J. Fox plays the soldier who reported the crimes, and Sean Penn plays the sergeant.

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Jun 17 2010

My Lai – American massacre in Vietnam

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My Lai

What drove a company of American soldiers — ordinary young men from around the country — to commit the worst atrocity in American military history? Were they “just following orders” as some later declared? Or, did they break under the pressure of a vicious war in which the line between enemy soldier and civilian had been intentionally blurred? AMERICAN EXPERIENCE focuses on the 1968 My Lai massacre, its subsequent cover-up, and the heroic efforts of the soldiers who broke ranks to try to halt the atrocities, and then bring them to light.

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