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Jun 17 2010

US Practicing Systematic Rape, Torture, Sadism Against Women in Iraqi Prison Camps

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The General Secretary of the Union of Political Prisoners and Detainees in Iraq, Muhammad Adham al-Hamd declared that the US occupation administration in Iraq relies on systematic rape, torture, and sadistic treatment of Iraqi women prisoners in its prison camps in the country. Al-Hamd said that the enormous crimes being committed against women in the prison camps in occupied Iraq have the support and blessings of the US military, for whom the practices serve as a means to bring psychological pressure on men engaged in the Resistance, in an attempt to break their spirit and fighting will.

Muhammad Adham al-Hamd made the comments in a statement regarding reports that confirmed the presence of large numbers of women in the American-run prison camps – women who are detained solely to be raped and abused in order to bring pressure upon their husbands, brothers, sons or fathers.

Al-Hamd declared that the women prisoners are subjected to strip searchs, torture, rape, and psychological and physical humiliation by the police and prison administrators. Their clothing is removed and they are deprived of food and water for days in order to break their will.

Al-Hamd said that teams from the International Red Cross and groups operating under the umbrella of the United Nations have been prevented from visiting the detention centers and learning about what goes on there. Rarely do these organizations demand to visit prisons and detention centers because of the lack of security and the fact that the sectarian militias control the facilities.

International bodies and reports of the puppet “Human Rights Ministry” under the US-installed regime warn of an enormous human disaster that is likely to happen as the currently circulating epidemics of cholera and AIDS spread within many of the prison camps.

But the American practices of imprisoning and savagely treating women is, in fact, backfiring, al-Hamd said, pointing to a study done in central and western Iraq that showed that the arrest of just one Iraqi woman would drive 1,000 men to take up arms and attack US troops and their puppet regime allies in defense of the woman’s honor and dignity.

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Jun 16 2010

Israeli Guards Rape Palestinian Women

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A Palestinian female freed from Israeli detention said more than 15 fellow Palestinian women were raped by Israeli interrogators to force them to confess to charges leveled against them and collaborate with the Israeli intelligence.

“Israeli investigators and intelligence officers keep video tapes of the raping to blackmail the female detainees. I have been sexually abused and photographed. When I tried to travel to Jordan after my release and Israeli intelligence officer dumfounded my with the humiliating photos.”

She asserted that this techniques has been used for years by the Israeli interrogators against Palestinian detainees. “They have used this raping techniques before my detention and continue to use it until today,” said the Palestinian woman who spent nine years of her life in Israeli detention. She also asserted that Palestinian women shy away from reporting such “disgrace” due to the sensitivity of the conservative Palestinian community. The Israelis also, she added, threaten to widely circulate the rape images if any of us take her complains to the public or the press.

The sexual abuse practices are not restricted to detained Palestinian women alone. In a phone all from an Israeli jail, a Palestinian man told IOL he has not been allowed to put on any cloths since his detention eight months ago. “I haven’t worn my clothes all this period. They (Israeli guards) searched continue to search such around the clock and if we resist they torture us.”


“ Israel , through the Shabak, violates the international convention against the torture which stipulates that all parties should take the necessary legislative, administrative and judicial measures to prevent torture under its jurisdiction,” said a Palestinian human rights researcher.

Shin Bet, also known as the General Security Services or Shabak, is Israel ’s domestic security agency. “The convention clearly states that parties should not exploit extraordinary circumstances, such as war, a threat to wage war or domestic political instability, as pretexts for torture,” Sameh El-Sayehn told IOL.

He asserted that the U.S. soldiers’ sexual abuse of Iraqi detainees in Abu Gharib was simply “a replica of a long-running Israeli practice”. “Shabak has more than 25 different torture techniques to extract confessions from Palestinian detainees,” El-Sayehn said. “The nudity technique used by the Americans against Iraqi detainees is a long time Israeli favorite but unfortunately pictured never surfaced to expose the barbarism and brutality of a country bragging about being a democracy oasis.”

El-Sayeh indicated that Israeli guards “undress Palestinian female detainees and tie them to beds for long periods.” The situation in men prisons is not less humiliating, added the Palestinian researcher. “Palestinian men are held naked in front of each other and Israeli soldiers. Those who refuse to take of their clothes are brutally beaten.”

At least seven thousands Palestinians, including scores of women, are held by Israeli occupation forces in detention centers and jails.

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