Why are atheists all such cunts?

In recent years the cretinous concept of atheism has been growing as a notion for white, middle-class, English speaking, males (plus others who wish they were that) to cling onto. As a result, it’s becoming almost a protected group in free speech terms. This is a major social failing as every single atheist I’ve ever encountered is a cunt. A fucking arrogant, self important, whining, short-sighted, deluded cunt.

Atheism is as logical as religion; taking an absolute position on a universal matter that none of us know to be true is anti-rational. There’s literally no argument that they have which makes any more sense than the idea that “a God” created the universe – so the only logical position is “I don’t fucking know”.

But atheists are such cunts that that position is unacceptable to them. Atheists cannot admit that they don’t know because it undermines their *belief* that they are much more intelligent than everyone else and admitting that it’s just a belief would (and fucking should) result in the equivalent of a divide-by-zero error.

Atheism is all about the ego. But atheists are just as controllable by group think as any other. The ideas that tumble around the minds of atheists have all come from a very small group of white, middle class, mainly English speaking, males. A far smaller group of influences than Christianity for example.

Atheism is just a religion for cunts. If you’re an atheist, you are a cunt.

Every time I challenge an atheist, they respond with the same tired cliches. It’s almost a joke, but they think they’re being clever and/or witty to say the same shit as a thousand other boring arseholes have said before them. They’re so convinced that they are all “free thinkers” that the thought that they could be just parrots squawking out other people’s ideas (like the evangelists they are) never crosses their tiny minds. And the reason that idea doesn’t cross their minds? Ego. They think they’re superior and will not consider anything else. They’re like junkies who refuse to acknowledge that they are utterly dependent on their supplier.

Feel free to whine below, but keep in mind that this is my site and you have no rights here at all. That doesn’t mean I won’t delete or ban you, of course.

(I’ll be adding more to this over time, but I feel it’s a good start)

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