Super Hang-On (Sega – 1986)

Super Hang-On is one of the best arcade racing games ever made. The challenge is genuinely difficult and you’ll play a lot of games before you do well at it. Here I am scoring my record score on the easiest circuit. I’ve been playing this game regularly for 30 years and you can see at the end that I was really happy to have scored so well. There’s still probably 5-6 seconds lost that I could make up, but to be so precise is a lot of mental effort and until someone else comes along to beat this score I’ll rest on my laurels.

I first played the game at the PCW show (Personal Computer World) at Earl’s Court, London, in 1986. The company who were making the home conversions had it on freeplay, right across the aisle from Ocean’s stand, where they had the full-size Outrun cabinet. I was in hog’s heaven for those 3 days. I’d made up a fake company and applied for a press pass, which they gave me. Great days…

Anyway, as I played the game I was filmed by “Network 7” the Channel 4 youth programme that went out on Sunday mornings. That was cool when I got back home and people mentioned it – I became a mini-star amongst my local geeks. But what they didn’t know was that I’d also been filmed finishing the first two levels of the game for the company (Electric Dreams) doing the conversions. They’d not been given anything but the game by Sega so they had no idea what the courses were like and they filmed me and used that footage to make the home versions. So if you ever played it on an Atari ST, Amiga, C64, etc – then you saw the results of me getting the overnight coach to London and lying to get in. I’m strangely proud of that, haha

If you think you can beat my score, please give it a go and post your results on youtube and leave a link below. Cheers!

p.s. the beard is now gone, I don’t know what I was thinking…

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